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First Draft of Schedule

Here is a tentative schedule for our camp based on topics given by registrants.  Mayer’s talk will be at 9, but after that we can adjust the schedule based on feedback and interest.

9-  – 10 a.m. Mayer Talk

10 – 10:30 Organize Sessions

10:30 – 11:30

Session: Using games in the classroom

Session:  Composition/writing/digital media

11:30 – 12:30Lunch

12:30 – 1 Revisit afternoon sessions based on morning experience

1 – 2 p.m.

Session:  GIS, Maps, Data

Session:  Collaboration OneNote, Sharepoint, Google Docs

Session:  Getting Started with digital

Session:  Using game design as assignment

Other potential sessions: ancestory and online geneology, social media, data (could be broke off from GIS), digital games (minecraftl?)

The Future of History

Our THATCamp is open to all disciplines and I’m excited to have discussions across disciplines.  Since I’m a historian, I think a lot about the impact of technology on history.  Check out

Freedom: The Underground Railroad

This is a review of Brian Mayer’s game.  Mayer will be giving a talk on using games in curriculum before our Unconference sessions.  Vasel, the reviewer, says it is a good game and could be an “amazing tool in the classroom.”



Our camp

On October 25, we’re hosting our first THATCamp hoping that it is the first of several.  St. Bonaventure University is located in Allegany, New York.    Our plan is to open the camp with a talk by Brian Mayer about the use of games in teaching.  He is the author of  Libraries Got Game: Aligned Learning through Modern Board Games and the designer of Freedom:  The Underground Railroad, a cool cooperative game that looks at the underground railroad before the Civil War.  Participants can win both as door prizes.  After that, we’ll break into the unconference so register and start proposing sessions.  More details to come…